What Do Basketball and Food Service Jobs Have in Common?

The sport of basketball can teach you many life lessons and skills – not only physically but also mentally and even emotionally. Likewise, a good job in the service industry presents its own set of challenges that will help you refine your people skills, and many times these jobs are also quite active, so you tend to get some exercise during the process as well.

Playing any sport professionally and performing a job are similar duties because, as you know, professional athletes put in a lot of work to maintain their skills and physique. Likewise, employees at Greggs are well-trained professionals in their own way, and more specifically, here are a few things food service workers and basketball players have in common:

1. The Need for Comfortable Shoes

Although working at a fast food retailer like Greggs won’t have you pulling off the same kind of high-speed crossovers and athletic manoeuvres that you’d see from the likes of KD himself, the long shift hours and constant back and forth means that the shoes need to be very comfortable and durable. Likewise, just as basketball shoes are designed to provide maximum traction on the court, restaurant shoes also are required to have non-slip soles.

2. Thinking Fast on Your Feet

People aren’t exactly running full speed on a restaurant floor, but the brisk pace is enough to have you constantly thinking during a busy shift, just as every player on the court has to be tuned in at all times during an intensely competitive game. A simple lapse in memory or judgement could result in an unsatisfied customer, or in the case of a basketball player – a turnover or botched play. This would certainly lead to the dissatisfaction of the coach and players. Furthermore, the  challenge of prioritising customers’ needs is a lot like the challenge of choosing who to pass the ball to.

3. Floor Awareness

In the restaurant industry it’s called “floor awareness,” and in the league it’s called “court vision,” but when you really think about it – the two are one in the same. Servers have to be able to anticipate the needs of patrons by paying attention to drink levels, mannerisms, plates, table cleanliness, and other factors. Likewise, a basketball player has to anticipate the movements of their teammates and opponents, often times out of the corner of their eye, much like a waiter noticing a customer’s hand in the air .

A Team Effort Towards a Goal

Finally, one additional way the restaurant industry is a lot like basketball is because all of the servers, managers, hosts and hostesses, cooks, and other staff members working together with the common goal of satisfying customer. This is much like the way an NBA team works together to score each and every basket on the court. As a side note, it is worth pointing out that the manager of a restaurant plays a very similar role to the coach and the general manager of a basketball team, guiding the direction of the squad overall and making sure certain plays and procedures are adhered to every time they are on the floor.






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