How to wash your sports shoes by eliminating unpleasant odors

There’s nothing to do: as much as we’re careful, there are times of the year when our sports shoes, like the ones to run, inevitably end up stinking. of smell of feet, most of the time, if not even of mildew. Yes, we know that you always have to dry them well, maybe putting in a few sheets of newspaper that absorbs sweat and moisture, but when for example uses that rain, and then continues to rain but it is June and the radiators are off and the shoes remain moist if not f Root at the end stink in an unbearable way, of feet and mildew precisely.

How to wash shoes by removing odors?

Not in the washing machine, of course, that is a mistake to never commit (we put the basket of the washing machine and put back the shoes, with high temperatures and detergents that attack upper, midsole and sole and soon goodbye shoes). After trying a little (bicarbonate, cat litter inside a sock tucked inside the shoe, just to put it a couple) the best solution is the bleach. Yes, the bleach, the feared remedy of grandma, the one that scares because it could discolor the whole thing and no, it really works.

Now, we need a textbook explanation of chemistry. The odor in the shoes is given by bacteria, and the only way to eliminate the odor, of sweat or mildew, is to eliminate the bacteria. And the bacteria do not die leaving the shoes in the sun but Ammazzandoli own. To take out the bacteria responsible for the bad odors of the shoes basically serves the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is nothing but oxygenated water. And where is the hydrogen peroxide? Exactly: in the bleach. Just read the label: The bleach, even the so-called “delicate” contains in fact the active oxygen that is nothing but oxygenated water.

How to wash shoes with bleach

Also here the answer is not in the washing machine, but by hand. The best method is to fill a bowl with hot water, add the bleach and put on the shoes “upside down”, or with the sole floating and the upper soaking. You can let it soak for a few hours, or a whole night, then you have to rinse them very, very well with fresh water and without detergents (there are also those who try the washing machine at 30 °c but we have not ventured) and then to dry well in the open air, better if in a Sunny and breezy day.

For us it is the best way (at least with technical sports shoes in synthetic material, not for those in leather or suede trekking beads which we never made the attempt). What method do you use to wash your sports shoes and also eliminate bad odors?






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