How To Take Care of Your Shoes

A nice pair of shoes must accompany us in the various moments of our life and, depending on the occasion, we will choose the most suitable one. It is essential and necessary to treat them regularly in order to keep them always clean and comfortable, so that their efficiency can last over time. Here are some things that will help you take care of your shoes without too much effort. This guide is suitable for all types of shoes (leather, suede, etc.) and you will see how little is enough and how easy it is to keep them in order. Find time to devote to your shoes and you will see how your image and your feet will thank you!

brown leather boots with shoe maintenance set

Be gentle

When your shoes get dirty, avoid cleaning them with too much pressure because this could ruin the color or even the material of the shoe (paint or leather). Often the shoes, especially if not high quality, are colored with opaque colors that could be ruined if too pressed and could come away easily, ruining the shoe. As a result, simply caress them with a damp cloth. Generally it is better to waterproof the shoe, so as to break it up and prevent it from penetrating the water on rainy days: on the market there are many waterproofing sprays, which with a simple application guarantee water resistance for a long time.

Baking soda, water and vinegar for heavy duty shoes

For pretty durable shoes You can use an old trick: if you have water or snow spots, you can use bicarbonate and, in fact, applying a small amount and rubbing with a cloth or a brush, the stain will disappear easily. For salt stains, instead, you can use water and vinegar, rubbing on the stained surface.

Sneakers and Leather

For sneakers shoes, which have a rubber part in addition to the fabric one, to eliminate the black spots present above all towards the sole, you can use a creamy degreaser, rubbing carefully with a cloth or a sponge. For stains on the fabric, however, you can also try washing in the washing machine, using a program of short duration, delicate, at low temperatures and possibly including the centrifuge that could ruin the shoes. Once washed, let them dry in the air, but in the shade (the sun fades), perhaps with newsprint inserted inside. For leather shoes, if there are stains, you must use the shoe polish, applying it with a brush or a cloth over the entire shoe. After this step, with a brush, rub them until they become shiny.

Suede and cloth

For suede shoes, you need to use a special rubber that can be easily found in almost all hypermarkets. This special product will allow you to remove the stain by rubbing it over. Furthermore, it is important to know that these shoes are much more particular to treat than others, so you will need some extra precautions. For cloth shoes, however, you can resort to washing in the washing machine, as mentioned previously, or you can clean with special spraying sprays.

Final Tips

One of the basic precautions, regardless of the type of shoe you decide to wear, is to change shoes every day, in fact the foot gives off moisture that the shoe absorbs, ruining the bill over time and causing bad smell. The use of an insole limits its absorption, but it is important to remove it from the shoe to make it dry and “rest” in the air. Moreover, after washing the shoes, do not let them dry near heat sources (for example the radiator), because it could harden and deform them, ruining them. In conclusion, it does not matter what kind of shoes you use daily, but the important thing is to always take care of them, keep them clean constantly, use the cleansing tricks of this guide that best suit the material of your shoes and keep them in time, for better performance, a more beautiful appearance and greater comfort for your feet! Good cleaning!






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