All the benefits of trekking

Yes, you know very well that walking is a simple and natural movement that our body needs to do routinely to maintain good health. It would be good to walk every day at least thousand steps, as the World Health Organization suggests, or to take and go to the mountains to make trekking, an activity within everyone’s reach, in contact with nature and the many benefits for physical health and Mental.

Trekking improves the outward appearance and muscular tone of legs and buttocks; It sprays muscle fibres and strengthens the joints, maintaining a high degree of elasticity of tendons and ligaments; It keeps bones healthy by counteracting osteoporosis.

When practised with telescopic sticks, which allow for greater stability in downhill, trekking also has beneficial effects on the muscles of the arms and the upper part of the body.

It is an effective anti-stress: walking In the midst of nature breathing clean air causes the body to produce so-called welfare hormones, endorphin and serotonin.

It also stimulates positive feelings among people, creating a climate of solidarity and sharing in dealing with the difficulties of the journey.

Walking in the mountains also allows you to burn calories and consume excess fat, helping to maintain or regain the shape weight.

Trekking regularly improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, promotes the elasticity of blood vessels and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

It brings important benefits to the respiratory system, increasing the frequency of respiratory acts and producing a better oxygenation of tissues. All in an environment where the air is not polluted.






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