Walking and Walk Shoes: How to choose the most suitable?

Walking, or a fast walk or a sporty walk, is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. In addition to knowing the correct technique of walking and the advice to walk and lose weight in a really effective, it is also important to know how to choose the shoes best suited to the practice of this real sporting activity.

To the question on which shoes to use to make walking the answer is first of all that you have to avoid shoes that are not specific for the sport walk: The trekking shoes, the sneakers and also the running shoes have all some features not recommended for The practice of fast walking. In order to explain all its benefits The walking assumes a very precise support of the foot on the ground for which is recommended a very precise type of shoe.

In the sport walk is fundamental the roll of the foot: the contact to the ground takes place with the heel, even vigorously, and then continues with a movement called “buffer” through which the foot faces a complete snare pushing up to the fingertips. For this reason they need shoes that have a sole with a more “blunt” heel to allow an impact of the heel on the ground with a more accentuated angle: running shoes are not suitable because they provide a different support of the foot on the ground (which We have explained here); The trekking shoes to go in the mountains are usually too rigid and structured to allow an effective snare of the foot; And the sneaker do not normally provide sufficient protection against impact, exposing to the risks of traumatic and tendonitis.

Always from the complete rolling movement of the foot to the ground depend also on the characteristics of the sole proper which must foresee a greater number of grooves than the running shoes (more “t” horizontal mean more Flexibility) and a tread with rubber particularly resistant to abrasion given by vigorous contact with the ground.

The characteristic instead in common between a specific shoe for walking and running shoes is the upper, which in both cases must be of technical transpiring material, to prevent sweat stagnating in the foot, and maybe even water repellent if you think of practice the sport walk even in winter or with bad weather.

But so what are the specific shoes for walking?? er example, the Asics Gel Zara (Runner’s World has defined them as “ideals as a model for approaching running from the interesting technical content and competitive price. Suitable for fit walking and long walks “) you can buy at a price that varies from 50 to 80 euros depending on the version: here all models and colors; Or the Reebok Easytone, both for men and women, specific for walking (they are here, even at a discounted price). Here is the novelty of the 2017 between running and jogging shoes, even for walking.






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