How to Choose Best Futsal Shoes

Who likes to play futsal? This exciting sports activity is usually cultivated by men, although there are also women who like it. If you routinely play futsal with friends, or if you are a professional futsal player, of course you should use futsal shoes whose quality is good and right for you.

Because, if futsal shoes are chosen carelessly, fear that they might not be comfortable. Worse, it could be that shoes that don’t fit actually hurt you. Don’t let it happen, okay? Therefore, we will tell you 7 ways to choose the best quality futsal shoes and of course suitable for you.

1. Pay attention to the Material of the Shoe

The first thing to consider in how to choose good futsal shoes is the material. There are four materials commonly used to make futsal shoes, which are leather, imitation leather, carbon, and fabric. According to shoe experts, the best material for futsal shoes is carbon fiber.

Why? Because carbon fiber is strong, lightweight, flexible, and has good air circulation. Review of futsal shoes users from carbon fiber material feel comfortable and become more agile when being “combat” in the field. While the material of futsal shoes that should be avoided is imitation leather because it is less comfortable to wear and more easily damaged.

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2. Choosing Upper Material

Upper or upper back shoes are the next important factor that you should think about before buying futsal shoes. Like a romantic relationship, comfort is what you need to look for in a futsal shoe, rather than the physical appearance and color.

Therefore, when a sports shoe brand issues futsal shoes, it is usually written “upper leather” or “upper synthetic”. For comfort and quality, of course, the upper of genuine leather is much better than the synthetic one.

3. Shoe Top Design

After researching the upper material, you also need to consider the upper design in how to choose futsal shoes. Especially if you are in the shooter position, upper shoe is a “place” for shooting, right? Choose futsal shoes whose upper shape is the most fitting for you to make movements in futsal.

4. Rear Shoe Design

In addition to the upper design, the design of the back of the shoe is also important, you know! The point behind the design is not a picture or accessories, yes, but the design of the footing. The heel is one of the most important parts of the foot in futsal, and it is not uncommon for people to get injured because it is not quite right when standing.

Therefore, you must have futsal shoes with good heel designs. Starting from the flexibility, thickness, until the number of layers in the heel must be right.

5. Seams and Soles

The way to choose the 5th futsal shoe is to see the stitching of the shoe. Choose shoes that have neat seams to make them last longer. Even if you buy shoes from a well-known brand, you still have to check the seams, afraid that something will come loose. Another thing to consider is shoe soles.

Sol is the sole of the foot. Hence, soles must be made of flexible, strong, soft material, and can absorb sweat well. Choose futsal shoes whose soles are rather thick so they don’t hurt when you stand firmly on the ground. Also adjust the soles of futsal shoes with the type of field you normally go to.

Most futsal fields in Indonesia, if not using an ordinary floor, use synthetic grass. Choose shoes with insoles that have pull (bulge) if you are often into the futsal court with synthetic grass.

6. Leg Shape

The shape of each person’s feet are not the same. You should get to know your own foot shape and then look for shoes that are most suitable for your feet. There are two types of futsal shoes, namely Wide-Fit and Slim-Fit. Approximately which type of shoes are you more suitable for?

7. Shoe size

Not only futsal shoes, in choosing any shoe the size must be right. But, the right size for futsal shoes does not mean very fitting like when you buy sneakers.






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