Do Not Be Mistaken in Choosing Children’s Shoes

Shoes are one small element that plays a key role in protecting the legs of our baby. What is the right child’s shoes? Let’s discuss together how to choose children’s shoes.

Children’s shoes are needed to protect their feet while doing outdoor activities. In order to provide optimal and comfortable protection, we must be smarter in choosing children’s shoes. If you choose the wrong one, shoes can make a child uncomfortable, even can injure a child’s foot.

childrens shoes

This is the Right Children’s Shoes

Remember that the child’s feet are still in their infancy, so the treatment should not be confused with an adult’s foot. You can start preparing children’s shoes when your baby starts the first step. Here are some criteria that need to be considered when looking for children’s shoes.

  • Children’s shoes are recommended to have soles from material that is flexible and not slippery, so that children do not slip easily.
  • Choose soft leather kids shoes or soft cloth, which allows good air ventilation to the child’s feet. Soft ingredients also need to be considered so as not to inhibit the growth of your baby’s feet.
  • The child’s shoes used by your baby must also have enough space for his fingers to bend. The space must also be between the child’s heel and shoe heel. This space is needed to increase the size of the growing little feet quickly.
  • Try to buy children’s shoes in the afternoon. Because at that time, the child’s feet are at maximum size. If you buy shoes in the morning, maybe the shoes will feel cramped when worn at a later time.
  • Consider choosing shoes whether strappy or strapless. Buying shoes with velcro adhesives can be chosen so that your baby doesn’t often trip over the loose shoelaces.
  • If faced with a choice of models, the type of sneaker is still considered better than boot. This type of shoe does not limit the growing leg of the baby. Also note the shape of the child’s shoes.
  • Even though it looks good, child shoes with open ends should be avoided because they do not provide optimal protection on the feet.

Don’t be tempted to save money by putting on your baby’s old sister shoes, even though it still looks new, because the shape of each child’s feet is unique so not all children’s shoes are suitable. If the shoes are not suitable, the child’s feet can get hurt and blistered. If necessary, you can visit a shop that provides shoe making specifically, so that shoes can be adjusted to the shape of the child’s feet so that it provides extra comfort.

Do not be tempted by discounts that make you buy children’s shoes in large quantities at once. Remember, your baby’s feet are in their infancy, so they will need a new size every 2-4 months. Children’s shoes also don’t have to be expensive. Expensive shoes are usually more durable. However, considering the child’s feet are still growing, the shoes will still not be used again after some time, even though they are still in good condition.

Also make sure to put on socks so that the child is more comfortable when wearing shoes. The use of socks can prevent a child’s feet from friction with shoes, which risks causing injury.