3 Tips For Taking Care of Shoes For The Sport Walk

To enjoy the sport walk even more, it is essential to take care of the shoes. Not sure you know everything you need to take care of preserving shoes in good condition and long? We offer you 4 tips to take care of it after every exit!

1. After each exit, let your shoes breathe!

The internal insoles of all our shoes are removable. After each exit, we recommend that you remove them to dry them in the open air.

Then, open the shoe flap completely to allow moisture to escape. It’s the first thing to do to prevent the formation of bad smells and to better treat the shoes!

In this way, you will be able to ensure the formation of unpleasant odors and the inconveniences of perspiration of your feet during the next exit!

2. To clean the upper of the shoes

The upper of the shoes is located above the sole. The KD8 shoes for the sports walk are mesh, an aerated material that allows the feet to breathe by evacuating the sweat during the exit.

Avoid washing in the washing machine: washing shoes for the sporty walk in the washing machine damages the soles and deteriorates the mesh of the shoes. Only the strings can be washed in the washing machine.

The mesh is a synthetic component, then to clean the upper of the shoes: it uses a sponge moistened with lukewarm water and little soap, after having removed the strings of the shoes. Then leave to dry for 1 day, tucking inside the shoe of the newspaper to absorb the moisture. Is enough:

Do not let the shoes dry near a heat source: letting the shoes dry near a heating, or with the help of a hair dryer, you are likely to change the shape of the depriving shoes so all the comfort.

3. To clean the outer soles

The sports walk, like Nordic walking, is a sport that is practiced outdoors. After an exit to the park, in contact with nature, it is not unusual to come back with the soles full of mud, grass or pebbles!

Before you rush to wash your shoes, let them dry: you’ll avoid dirtying the upper too.

  • Once dry, whisk the insoles between them in the open, to remove most of the land and pebbles.
  • With the help of a brush, remove the dirt and the last pebbles embedded in the bending grooves of the soles.
  • Clean the soles with a sponge moistened with lukewarm water and a little soap.

Finally, do not forget that, like you, even the shoes for the sporty walk need to rest: the cushioning of the shoes needs to resume the initial shape to maintain its own efficacy. Ideally, you have to use a second pair of shoes for the sport walk while the first one finds all the freshness thanks to our tips!






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