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  • Do Not Be Mistaken in Choosing Children’s Shoes

    Shoes are one small element that plays a key role in protecting the legs of our baby. What is the right child’s shoes? Let’s discuss together how to choose children’s shoes. Children’s shoes are needed to protect their feet while doing outdoor activities. In order to provide optimal and comfortable protection, we must be smarter […]

  • Smart Choosing the Right Sports Shoes

    Sports activities are one of the healthy lifestyles that need to be applied daily. To get the maximum benefit from exercise and prevent injury, proper sports shoes are needed. Mistakes choosing sports shoes that cause incompatibility with sports activities carried out, can cause a variety of complaints. Starting from the blisters, pain in the shin […]

  • How to clean leather shoes: some useful tips

    Leather is delicate, and contact with the ground contributes to its deterioration. KD8 explains how to clean leather shoes to prolong their useful life. Leather shoes and suede shoes should be treated with special care. When we do not use them for a while, the ideal is to store them in a place without direct […]

  • 3 Tips For Taking Care of Shoes For The Sport Walk

    To enjoy the sport walk even more, it is essential to take care of the shoes. Not sure you know everything you need to take care of preserving shoes in good condition and long? We offer you 4 tips to take care of it after every exit! 1. After each exit, let your shoes breathe! […]

  • How To Take Care of Your Shoes

    A nice pair of shoes must accompany us in the various moments of our life and, depending on the occasion, we will choose the most suitable one. It is essential and necessary to treat them regularly in order to keep them always clean and comfortable, so that their efficiency can last over time. Here are […]

  • What Do Basketball and Food Service Jobs Have in Common?

    The sport of basketball can teach you many life lessons and skills – not only physically but also mentally and even emotionally. Likewise, a good job in the service industry presents its own set of challenges that will help you refine your people skills, and many times these jobs are also quite active, so you […]

  • How to Choose Best Futsal Shoes

    Who likes to play futsal? This exciting sports activity is usually cultivated by men, although there are also women who like it. If you routinely play futsal with friends, or if you are a professional futsal player, of course you should use futsal shoes whose quality is good and right for you. Because, if futsal […]

  • Nike and Kevin Durant Present KD8 Shoes

    Out for most of the last season for an injury (not seen on the parquet since 19 February last) Kevin Durant prepares for the new Year presenting the eighth edition of the line of shoes born from the collaboration between the player of Oklahoma City Thunder and the Nike. The winner of the Rookie of […]

  • How to wash your sports shoes by eliminating unpleasant odors

    There’s nothing to do: as much as we’re careful, there are times of the year when our sports shoes, like the ones to run, inevitably end up stinking. of smell of feet, most of the time, if not even of mildew. Yes, we know that you always have to dry them well, maybe putting in […]

  • Walking and Walk Shoes: How to choose the most suitable?

    Walking, or a fast walk or a sporty walk, is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. In addition to knowing the correct technique of walking and the advice to walk and lose weight in a really effective, it is also important to know how to choose the shoes best suited to […]

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